You Do Fishing Recreationally, Not Reel Repairs

You and your son take occasional weekend fishing trips. On the eve of your latest fishing expedition, you and he make preparations as far as possible. You do this as early as possible because a good night’s sleep is necessary. That’s because you and your son have to be up at the crack of dawn and get to the nearest stream or river long before the proverbial worms come out to bite. Speaking of which, you have prepared all bait as well as you can.

The river is awash with nourishment for the fish you wish to bait. So, the bait you have prepared needs to be as scrumptious as possible to make your line an irresistible temptation to the fish, too hard to resist. But it happens. So, after your first cup of morning coffee, waiting for the first fish to bite, and indeed it happens. And it just so happens that your line has managed to snare the heaviest and greediest specimen alive.

fishing reel repair shop

And the line snaps. If only you knew this would happen. But of course you did. You just did not know (at the time) how to prepare yourself for this event. Not since the days of your grandfather’s fishing trips has anyone been able to repair a line like he did. So, what do you do? Prepare yourself better for next time and pack all your implements and turn them in at the fishing reel repair shop. The goods receiving sales clerk informs you with great confidence that a new line will be ready in due course.

Also, you have all the replacement lines you can think of. Strong and sturdy, so much so that not even the toughest and hungriest trout can snap these wires.