Waiter, There’s A Bear Next To Our Table

Yikes! Imagine that then!? Go to any restaurant and it could happen. For starters, the soup is served and lo and behold, the piping hot soup has a dead fly in it. Or worse. Bad service. Bad restaurant then. The soup wasn’t even supposed to be piping hot. They say that it should be served just so. Like little Goldilocks’ mild porridge, neither piping hot, nor cold either. Back in the day, she ate Junior Bear’s porridge.

bear carving

Momma Bear liked hers cold, although no-one knows why. The storyteller at the time certainly didn’t. Poppa Bear likes his piping hot and that suited him just fine, seeing that he was getting ready for the annual hibernation drive. Junior Bear had to have his mild, neither too hot nor too cold because, well, he was junior. Goldilocks was quite a bit older than this junior bear but she liked it nevertheless.

Now, the big bear near to these folks’ table is not the real thing. Nothing to be alarmed about, it’s just a replica bear carving of the big grizzly which, thankfully, everyone out there is doing a lot to save from becoming endangered. And to think that everyone is so scared of this fine specimen of the country’s national natural heritage. Good to know that some folks are also prepared to put their artistic skills to good use to commemorate such fine artifacts of Mother Nature.

And not just the big brown or black bear. What about the bald eagle? Or the grizzly old grumpy moose with its ginormous horns? Or the majestic buffalo, big and hairy and very much back from the brink of extinction. But if you still like the real thing, you can visit a nature reserve near you.