The Best Brands of Tool Boxes

Waterloo tool boxes

Those who work with tools on a regular basis are likely to have an intimate relationship with their tool boxes.  These are your partners when you need them, allowing you to store away your tools and keep everything neat and organized.

There are many different brands of tool boxes out there.  Here is a brief overview of a few major brands and the types of boxes they specialize in.


Waterloo tool boxes are known for their superior quality and selection.  While their most popular boxes are cabinets on rollers, they also sell individual drawers, hand boxes, workstations, road boxes, and many other types.

It is this variety and quality that has made Waterloo one of the most trusted names in tool boxes for quite some time.


Excel specializes in roller cabinets, but they also have a wide variety of very convenient portable boxes.  Whether you are working from home, in your shop, or on the go, Excel likely has a product that you will find useful.

Extreme tools

Extreme tools are known for their locker cabinets, which allow storage of large tools in the bottom and smaller tools in the top drawers.  They do, however, also manufacture workstations, roller cabinets, and road boxes.

They are known for their efficient designs and providing their customers with excellent quality craftsmanship. 


Montezuma specialize in portable workstation boxes and lower to the ground roller cabinets.  For those who want excellent storage on the go or in the garage, Montezuma gives you plenty of options.

All of these brands provide great quality and give those who use tools the convenience of being able to store their tools easily.

What is your favorite brand of tool box?  Was it listed here in this article, or is it different?